MDI Medical Celebrates Double Triumph at Health Tech Ireland Awards

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MDI Medical Ltd is delighted to announce its outstanding achievement at the Health Tech Ireland Awards, where the company secured not just one, but two prestigious accolades for its groundbreaking Digital INEWS project. The awards include the coveted Healthcare Collaboration – Digital INEWS (Winners) 🏆 and the Highly Commended – Most Transformative Impact in Digital Health – Digital INEWS.

This dual triumph is a testament to the unparalleled dedication and collaborative spirit exhibited by MDI Medical Ltd and Syncrophi Systems Ltd, in partnership with the Health Service Executive (HSE). The recognition received at the Health Tech Ireland Awards underscores the pivotal role of collaboration in driving positive change within the healthcare sector.

The Healthcare Collaboration award acknowledges the seamless partnership between MDI Medical, Syncrophi Systems, and the HSE in the development and implementation of the Digital INEWS project. This innovative solution has already contributed significantly to the healthcare landscape by providing over 500 beds, showcasing the transformative impact of digital health technologies.

The Highly Commended award for the Most Transformative Impact in Digital Health further underscores the pioneering efforts and technological advancements embedded in the Digital INEWS project. This recognition reaffirms MDI Medical’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation to enhance healthcare delivery.

The success of the Digital INEWS project is a source of immense pride, not only for MDI Medical and Syncrophi Systems but for the entire healthcare community. The collaboration between two leading Irish healthcare companies and the HSE has demonstrated the profound impact that can be achieved when industry leaders join forces for a common goal.

The journey doesn’t end here, as MDI Medical Ltd looks forward to the continued rollout of the Digital INEWS solution across the HSE. This accolade serves as a catalyst for further advancements, motivating the team to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of digital health.

In conclusion, MDI Medical Ltd extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Health Tech Ireland Awards for acknowledging the company’s commitment to excellence in healthcare innovation. The dual recognition reflects not only the success of the Digital INEWS project but also the bright future ahead for collaborative ventures in the ever-evolving landscape of digital health.